Pics of Me Cavorting in Jolly Ol' England

Pics from London

Badtz and I spent Christmas Eve 2013 in London.

In front of the Hard Rock Cafe in London on Christmas Eve... and no, I didn't suddenly get fat - it's all about LAYERS, people, LAYERS!

Me and Badtz after several drinks at the Hard Rock Cafe... and after the layers start coming off!

Badtz goes rogue and puts on a Santa suit. Not like him to get in the Christmas spirit...

Me and my best friend in London - Chris. Why yes... that IS a mop on my head!

Any good Pink Floyd fan would recognize this... Battersea Park from the air.

Nothin' like good ol' seat 4B. That's my meal - and my foot - on my way back from London.

A Texan and her penguin smoke a Cuban in England.

Badtz Maru (kinda' cockeyed ) in front of the “Texas Embassy” restaurant offa' Picadilly Square in London. Notice the curious, red, licorice-stained double-decker vehicular apparatus in the background. They were plentiful in this strange land...

Big Ben from the London Eye. Badtz is afraid of heights, so he won't look.

"'Dogs'... 'Pigs'... 'Sheep'... Why didn't Pink Floyd do a song called 'Penguins'?", Badtz wonders...
Don't recognize this? Shame on you! It's Battersea Park, the cover of Pink Floyd's "Animals" album.

I finally found it! David Gilmour's house. My hand resting on Sir David Gilmour's doorknob... now all I need is the courage to open this door (and maybe get arrested...).

Doing my "Tony Montana" impression on David Gilmour's lawn directly in front of his houseboat. Do you think I scared him?

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