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My website is written in the vernacular (colloquial) English. It is also supposed to be funny.
Hi! I live in Austin, Texas. I feel as thought I'm a true Texan, like my daddy and his daddy before that; although, I moved here a long time ago from Hawai'i.

"Badtz Maru" is my former traveling partner. He is a penguin. He is Hello Kitty's cousin. He is also known as the "bad penguin." I don't do any social media, so if you think you're reading stuff from me - it ain't me. I don't use InstaTwit or Facespace or anything like that at all.

I hardly ever update this page anymore because I'm not that exciting. The picture to the left is kinda' recent: it's me and "Kimiko" (my car). I bought her last year. I think she is cute.


I have a B.A. in Asian Cultures and Languages/Japanese, with a minor in Korean, Chinese, and Indian (dot... not feather ) from the University of Texas at Austin ("Hook 'em Horns!"). I also have an A.S. in Physical Science from ACC, and schooling in Electrical Engineering Technology. I'm a nerd who loves to study and learn. I'm going back to college next year (yay!).

Crap about my life...

I’ve done a lot of stuff. I mean a lot. It's easier to say what I haven't done, so I'll leave it at that.

In Austin, I worked as an FM radio DJ for 10 years under five different names and for 13 different stations, including Austin's best rock-n-roll station 93.7 KLBJ, as well as in semiconductor technology. I also did some translating in Tokyo.

I was active duty US Navy straight out of high school, and I re-joined the Navy Reserves after 9/11 because I felt it was my duty to this great country of ours.

My current sitcha'ation…

Winter is coming to Texas! Have to buff-up the fur coats (winter jammies)! We freeze below 65°!

Getting ready to move after 21 years in the same place! Packing up the kitties and tons of boxes of schtuff!

Look out Australia... here I come again! WOO!!!!!

I live in Austin with my husband and with 4/5 of our children...

This is the love of my life, my husband, Matt.

Me and Matt


Ushi Neko MooKitty ("Prada")
Louis Vuitton MooKitty ("Louie")
Michael Kors McTabbycat ("Mikey")
Gianni Versace McGreyson ("Versace")

R.I.P Gucci McGreyson ("Gooby")
??? - June 22, 2017

Note: We gave our cats regal designer names because they are all shelter rescues and unwanted castaways, so we wanted to give them names that made them special.

My son, Ryan, and his wife both graduated and received their full M.D. degrees. We are very proud parents.

Ryan and Madison

Ryan and Madison

I love Asia (especially Japan and Korea), and I travel often to various countries.

I love other stuff, too: cats (I LOVE cats!), hard rock, and anything or anyone involved with the creation(s) of Monty Python, Absolutely Fabulous, the Office, and British humor in general. Oh yeah... and I'm a Trekkie and a total tech nerd.

Special thanks to my great friends in Austin, Japan, Korea, Poland, Australia, and England on my website who never fail to make me smile!

Links to my Life and Travels


Kona, Hawai'i



Jolly Ol' England




New Zealand

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